When it comes to comedy…
…the internet is broken.

A limitless global audience should be giving comedians and comedy writers an opportunity to get their work seen, and get paid.

Instead, our News Feeds are full of bad jokes, lazy memes and nonsense masquerading as satire.

Corporations churn out half-hearted clickbait that makes them millions – while individuals invest their time, their talent and their money into content that barely makes a dent.

And when making great comedy is costing you money – you can only afford to do it for so long…

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It’s time for A Better Kind Of Funny.

Imagine a world where doing that thing you love doing – creating comedy – actually paid. And what’s more – paid enough that you could continue doing it. And continue getting better.

A Better Kind Of Funny is a collective of TV Producers, Comedians and Comedy Writers dedicated to building that world.

Not just for us – but for everyone.

(Everyone funny, anyway…!)

How the fuck are you going to do that?!

By being clever.

And by working together.

To understand more – read on…

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The News Dump

Our first project is The News Dump – an experiment at bridging the gap between the lazy satire that’s all over the internet, and the top-class topical comedy you see on TV.

We aim to make money in three ways: advertising (obviously), sponsorship (ideally) and merchandising (interesting…!).

We turn today’s news into hyper-topical jokes that you can laugh at tonight, and wear on a T-Shirt tomorrow.

We’re also planning a weekly (online) TV Show – guest-presented by a rotating crop of well-known comedians – showcasing the very best News Dump content from the previous 7 days.

Our ultimate aim is for The News Dump to bring in enough revenue that we’re able to pay each and every writer – at industry-standard rates – while still turning a profit. And we’re confident we can get there.

If we did that from the off, though, we’d be bankrupt within weeks. So in the meantime, writers receive 100% of the advertising revenue their content brings in, and 100% of the profit made on any related T-shirts and shirts. We don’t make a penny.

Our writers also have free rein to continue using their content elsewhere – whether that’s re-posting articles to their own blog, or working the best of the jokes into their next Edinburgh show. So it really is win-win.

If you’ve read this far, and you’re a comedy writer or comedian who thinks the internet needs a better kind of comedy – why not join the fold?

Help us turn our bright idea into a game-changing website.

One that’s packed full of the very best original comedy content – and that sees those who create the content actually getting paid.

To find out how – click below.

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Beyond The News Dump

Right now we’re putting all of our energy into getting The News Dump up and running – but once it is, we’ve got big plans.

TV Shows, Live Shows, Podcasts and Mobile Games – each providing opportunities for funny people to showcase their talent, and get paid for the work they create.

Whether Brand-funded, or Ad-funded, everything we do will directly answer our two favourite questions:

  • What do we want to make today?
  • How can we all get paid to make it?

Because the internet deserves A Better Kind Of Funny. And so do we.

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